The S.O.U.L Clinic of Kentuckiana Inc.
Science Of Understanding Life
"In times like these, a helping hand can make a negative situation turn into a positive ending."

Mission Statement:
A non-profit organization of people in recovery helping others achieve recovery from chronic homelessness, unemployment, emotional and mental illness and re-entry.

Vision Statement:
 To one day have a world wide community to bring everyone together in unity of unconditional love with no boundaries..

Strive to provide quality service to the clients and families of S.O.U.L. Clinic so they feel safe and secure. Encourage our volunteers to provide customer service by exhibiting positive attitudes and strong work ethic so they can make a difference in our community. Retain programs and volunteers that are effective to meet the needs of our community. Vitalize our city to provide awareness of our services; and research and implement innovative ideas and search for new avenues of growth. Implement and maintain procedures that insure the best possible service is provided by our agency and our network. Commit all aspects of our clinic to serve our clients with effectiveness, fairness, equality, promptness and professional service. Empower clinic clients and volunteers to overcome their obstacles through individual, family, group counseling and other therapeutic techniques.

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